SANBS' CEO Ravi Reddy, says that 2021 has seen concerning fluctuations in blood stocks throughout the year.

"Blood donations in South African have always been low, considering that less than 1% of the population actively give blood. Now, due to Covid-19 and lockdown, the number has declined further in the past 18 months. We hope that this campaign, which presents a new perspective on the need for blood, will drive an increase in donations," Reddy adds.

The awareness campaign will commence on Monday, 15 November and will be using a 360 approach to reach maximum audiences across the country through the use of radio, billboards and the various SANBS social media platforms. According to the organisation, donating blood literally means saving lives.

Reddy says that the SANBS is grateful to its blood donors, partners and service providers for their continued support through these trying times.

"We hope this campaign will inspire and encourage the public to include blood donation in their daily lives and to join in this lifesaving mission by becoming committed donors. At a time when we are unable to gather for much else, we can at least join forces for this common cause: Giving the gift of life," Reddy says.

To become a blood donor, individuals must:
  • be between the ages of 16 and 75 years
  • weigh 50kg or more
  • be in good health
  • lead a healthy lifestyle, and
  • consider their blood safe for transfusion to a patient.
For more information, visit or call 0800 11 90 31. You can also follow the SANBS on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.