World Kindness Day has been observed by many countries since 1988. 

Signa Academy says that it will give away two accredited online project management short courses. This learning opportunity will enable two individuals to develop their skills in a 140-hour course.

The qualification will provide them with a foundation of basic project management knowledge that can also be used to build further project management-related competencies.

Similarly, Signa Artisans is giving away two basic welding training courses, which will allow two individuals to participate in a five-day course. This basic welding training course will address several topics, such as:

  • preparing arc welding and gas welding joints
  • producing welds with good penetration and no undercutting on sides, and
  • a good pattern.
Both these giveaways provide skills development opportunities, as the duo believes that the most promising chance for employment in South Africa is in the training and upskilling of individuals. 

The Signa Group entities say that the initiative further reiterates the values they hold with the '#PowerofOne' initiative, where they promote the impact of both individuals and businesses.

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