eDeaf, a skills development training provider, strives to make room for the deaf community by improving their social and economic lives.

The provider does this through a variety of empowerment and skills development programmes.

eDeaf aims to break down the stereotype that Deaf people are different and less capable than hearing people at certain jobs. It also strives to help Deaf individuals take advantage of various employment and education opportunities that exist, as well as create further opportunities for the Deaf community to empower themselves.

Established in 2007, eDeaf is the leading provider of (Deaf) skills development training in South Africa. Deaf-owned and staffed, the provider offers partnered solution approaches to provide a holistic, end-to-end service to both the employer and the Deaf learner / employee in terms of:
  • training
  • recruitment
  • ongoing support services, and
  • interpreter services.
With five branches nationally, the provider says that it is able to offer the ideal learning environment for Deaf individuals to learn South African Sign Language (SASL) in their home language, with over 100 experienced and qualified Deaf facilitators and employees.

By adding value to the individuals they train, eDeaf creates employable Deaf individuals who are able to contribute to the economy, reducing reliance on social grants and thereby boosting the overall economy.

eDeaf specialises in working with the previously disadvantaged youth that are classified as 'profoundly' Deaf. This means Deaf students that have grown up in schools that have not been able to cater for their disability, as lip reading and hearing aids are not available.

Any education from primary and high school to tertiary has been difficult or impossible for these individuals, which is why eDeaf says that it is so important to their growth as valuable community members.

The provider has encouraged individuals to break the stigma of working with the Deaf and download the Deafinition app to learn SASL and communicate with a deaf employee.

eDeaf concludes that organisations can consider hiring a Deaf graduate in their company or sponsor a learner to complete their skills development training, which results in BEE points for all companies.

For more information, visit www.edeaf.co.za. You can also follow eDeaf on Facebook