'Fish with us, to feed a mind and feed a belly' will take place on Saturday, 5 February. The event will be starting at midday with weigh-in and will have a prize-giving ceremony taking place from 16:00.

"To realise the full potential of this fundraising event, we are calling on individuals and businesses to consider becoming a sponsor for the event," says Ghairunisa Johnstone-Cassiem, director at Mustadafin Foundation.

Events like 'Fish with us' provide Mustadafin with a source of important funding, according to the organisation. It allows them to continue vital work within the communities that they serve. Prior to Covid-19, Mustadafin fed 15 000 registered beneficiaries daily; it has now increased to 27 910 beneficiaries daily.

According to the organization, poverty, hunger and a lack of access to basic resources have increased during the pandemic. 

"Considering what we still require for this event to take place, we have compiled a wish list of items," says Johnstone-Cassiem. Mustadafin's wish list for its 'Fish with us' event includes:

"We would be so grateful for sponsorship of some of the above items or funding towards acquiring the above items for the event," adds Johnstone-Cassiem. "As an NPO, Mustadafin relies on the generous donations of individual and corporate donors. Joining us as a sponsor for this event, we will ensure that your generosity is acknowledged among all our attendees and stakeholders."

Individuals who would like to find out more about how they could become a Mustadafin event sponsor are encouraged to contact [email protected] or call 071 282 7966. 

For more information, visit www.mustadafin.org.za. You can also follow the Mustadafin Foundation on Facebook.