All humans have the innate desire to be valued. This is a desire that spans across all social environments, including professional ones.

And while the corporate landscape relies on numbers and stats to connect employees on paper, the people that represent these figures still have the fundamental need to be appreciated and valued by their colleagues.

This is especially true for contemporary employees who are seeking more than just a paycheck from their work environments.

As a PR pro specifically, you are tasked with having to do many things, like:
  • communicating brand stories
  • handling crises
  • conducting research
  • writing and distributing press releases
  • planning and coordinating events
  • communicating with the media
  • devising creative campaigns, and
  • handling various social media platforms.
Now, no individual can be expected to execute all of these things without a mean team by their side. Affirmation, support and encouragement act as the driving forces behind tackling these tasks.

But between all the hustle and bustle of completing all of these tasks, it’s easy to forget to show your team members the appreciation that they deserve.

That's why it's important for PR practitioners to prioritise making gestures that allow their team members to feel more valued for all that they do.

Ready to get empathic? Here's how to do it:

What are some other ways that you think PR pros can show their team members how much they value them?

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