Takealot says that support for the GirlCode hackathon forms part of the group's socio-economic development initiatives and aims to empower young women with critical coding skills needed to master careers of the future.

"Increasing representation of women in tech is an important way to create brilliant career opportunities. But even more so, encouraging this sector also improves the ability of South Africa’s entire technology industry to innovate and rise to meet the needs of our society and the African continent," Nomaxabiso Teyise, Takealot Group's head of diversity, transformation and inclusion.

"This aligns with the group's commitment to transform South Africa's digital landscape while ensuring gender equality as a way to fully empower and unlock the country's potential," adds Teyise.

This is the second hackathon supported by Takealot Group, with support from group companies such as:
  • takealot.com
  • Mr D Food, and
  • Superbalist.
The group says that it will be funding winners with over R200 000 worth of:
  • laptops
  • tablets
  • earphones
  • vouchers, and
  • spot prizes on the day.

Addressing inequality through empowerment

With South Africa's youth unemployment rate sitting at roughly 42%, the need to tackle this urgent crisis grows by the day, says the group. According to Takealot Group, over 75% of its employees are under 35 years old and it strives to maintain this ratio while finding ways to continue breaking the chain of inequality in South Africa.

This helps drive support for initiatives like the GirlCode hackathon, says the group.

According to the group, as a proudly South African company, it is committed to making a positive impact for the greater good. This is by leveraging innovative technology and knowledge to create an inclusive digital future for all South Africans.

"We need to make sure that we not only create an inclusive working environment but encourage this throughout the industry as a whole. Our aim is to create a place for all South Africans to thrive irrespective of gender," concludes Teyise.

Individuals can visit GirlCode hackathon's website here to learn more.

For more information, visit www.takealot.com. You can also follow Takealot on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.