This collaboration aims to drive transformative solutions for better energy, water, carbon and waste management.

By joining forces, RMS and BBEnergy say that they are taking a pivotal step in unlocking the full potential of data, leveraging subject matter expertise and empowering organisations to accelerate their journey to a greener, sustainable future.

The power of data and informed decision-making

The duo says that as the world grapples with the pressing need to combat climate change and shift to renewable energy sources, data has emerged as the cornerstone of progress.

However, raw data alone can only take us so far. The real game-changer is the ability to transform data into meaningful information that fuels informed decision-making. The RMS-BBEnergy partnership is founded on this shared belief; recognising that valuable insights derived from data hold the key to unlocking a sustainable world, the duo adds.

"Data is the bedrock of our mission to achieve a net-zero energy future," says Frikkie Malan, chief commercial officer at Remote Metering Solutions. "But we don't stop at data; we go beyond it to harness the power of information."

"Under the banner of 'Zero Accelerated', we strive to empower our clients to fast-track their journey to net zero. We believe that to mitigate climate change risks, the pace of change needs to accelerate," adds Malan. 

Empowering sustainability through unmatched expertise

RMS boasts an unparalleled client base, catering to:
  • listed property funds
  • homeowner associations, and
  • private property owners.

With access to a wealth of energy consumption data from over 160 000 meters read monthly, RMS has been at the forefront of utility management solutions since its inception in 2005. Building on this vast experience, the partnership with BBEnergy takes data analysis to new heights, creating a consolidated 'building performance data repository'.

Nikhil Naidoo, sustainability team lead at RMS, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership.

"BBEnergy brings deep systems expertise to the table, enhancing our ability to structure our clients' data from diverse sources into actionable insights. Alongside RMS's market knowledge, sustainability subject matter expertise and our longstanding relationships with key property groups, we present a truly unique and compelling value proposition," adds Naidoo.

A seamless path to improved energy, water, carbon and waste management

According to the duo, the RMS-BBEnergy platform empowers property owners to accelerate the achievement of sustainability targets. This consolidated data repository unlocks greater efficiency, cost reductions and confidence in reducing environmental footprints by providing a single version of truth for reporting and decision-making.

Chris Nell, director at BBEnergy, says, "Our systems expertise complements RMS's market leadership. Together, we equip property owners with the tools they need to positively impact the environment while ensuring the resilience of their assets."

A testimony of relevance and value

According to the duo, the RMS-BBEnergy partnership has already garnered enthusiastic responses from the market.

Working with several listed companies to implement the 'Zero Accelerated' solution, RMS says that it has witnessed firsthand the relevance and value of this technology partnership.

As a result, RMS and BBEnergy are resolute in their commitment to revolutionising sustainable energy solutions and empowering organisations to embrace a greener, more cost-effective and zero carbon emissions energy future.

Chris van der Walt, CEO of Remote Metering Solutions, concludes, "The total cost of occupation trend is currently accelerating in the wrong direction. The 'Zero Accelerated' solution is one of the first steps to turn this trend around and take back control from a landlord and tenant perspective."

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