This estimate was published in the International Rhino Foundation's annual report for 2022 and considers all five species of rhino.

Around the globe, World Rhino Day is observed every year on the 22 September. The day serves as a reminder to raise awareness about the conservation of rhinos and highlights the ongoing efforts of different organisations and institutions to protect the species from the threats they face in the wild, says EcoTraining. 

The current reality is that rhinos are still among the most endangered animals on Earth due to factors such as:
  • poaching
  • habitat loss, and
  • climate change.

At EcoTraining, we support every effort to protect the rhino and believe that initiative like World Rhino Day is crucial in highlighting the ongoing need for anti-poaching initiatives, law enforcement and stricter regulations against the illegal wildlife trade.

"Occasionally, we propose an exciting rhino conservation experience to guests on some of our custom programmes. We welcome people from around the globe who join or help fund rhino conservation efforts in South Africa while we facilitate them," says EcoTraining sales and product development manager Corne Schalkwyk.

"Some of our students have had the opportunity to experience the intense and raw reality of rhino dehorning. It is always a sad, emotionally draining, yet humbling experience to remember for years," adds Schalkwyk.

As Africa's leading field-guiding educational institution, we offer students the opportunity to understand the importance and complexities of conservation in the different courses we offer, adds EcoTraining. 

"Conservation is at the heart of what we do, and by giving students from around the world the opportunity to study this, we are not just creating individuals who are passionate about the natural world; we are producing guardians of nature who will pass on the importance of what they have learned to the next generation," Schalkwyk concludes. 

According to EcoTraining, a collective global effort will continue to demonstrate that the conservation of the rhino is a worldwide concern, and EcoTraining will continue to advocate for the protection of rhinos and their ecosystems.

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