Cotlands is a leading non-profit organisation focussed on early childhood development (ECD). 

According to Cotlands, its 2023 AGM took on a virtual format. The event also included a quiz session that brought together all stakeholders, reinforcing the sense of community and shared purpose to improve the lives of children by increasing access to play-based early learning opportunities.

Key highlights of Cotlands' impact for the financial year include:
  • 33 248 children
  • 79 early learning playgroups
  • 167 340 meals served at early learning playgroups
  • 12 Cotlands-owned and operated toy libraries
  • 37 537 toys lent from its toy libraries, and
  • 42 learners who enrolled in CotlandsIgnite™.

In the integrated report, Niven Postma, Cotlands's outgoing chairperson, commended the exceptional adaptability of Dr Monica Stach, the CEO, in the face of adversity. She emphasised the organisation's continuous evolution and reinvention to navigate challenges effectively.

Postma also expressed immense pride in the growth of Cotlands's projects and toy library performances, highlighting the programmes' profound impact on the children it serves. She also acknowledged the ongoing need for additional, sustainable income and enhanced advocacy efforts, a challenge many non-profit organisations face.

Cotlands says that it remains dedicated to:
  • good governance
  • sound accounting principles, and
  • ethical conduct.

The current board members comprise:
  • Marcelle Arnold (chairperson)
  • Motseki Majake (treasurer)
  • Maxine Merrifield (vice-chairperson)
  • Niven Postma
  • Tatiana Page
  • Theodore de Jager, and
  • Yule Banda.

A welcome has been extended to new board members, including:
  • Bianca McGrath
  • Hellen Lebone
  • Nicole Pillay
  • Nwabisa Bixa

Individuals are encouraged to access the Cotlands 2023 report online. You can also contribute to Cotlands' mission here.  

Cotlands concludes that it aims to shine as a beacon of hope for vulnerable children, guided by the commitment to well-being and optimal development.

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