Massmart says the award recognises and acknowledges organisations that have not only advanced women in the workplace through training and capacity building but have also successfully transformed corporate behaviour and practises. 

According to Massmart, it has prioritised the appointment of women in top leadership roles, which include:
  • head of Builders Warehouse
  • head of financial services
  • head of audit services
  • chief information officer
  • chief compliance officer, and
  • chief people officer.

The vice president of Massmart diversity, equity and inclusion Dolly Nqonji says, "This award is the culmination of many years of investment in pro-actively and assertively providing women with opportunities to flourish in our company."

"It is a tribute to the willingness of managers at every level in our organisation to shatter the glass ceiling to ensure that we appoint associates to the roles they deserve regardless of their race or gender identification," concludes Nqonji. 

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