While many companies reserve special celebrations for certain days, at Empact Group, its dedication to living the company's values is a daily practice, ingrained from the CEO to the cleaners.

Empact Groups adds that the organisation's five values — courage, integrity, service, innovation and partnership — are not just words on paper but the pillars that uphold doing right by people at the heart of its operations. 

By definition, a culture is a way of life of a group of people — the behaviours, beliefs, values and symbols that they accept, generally without thinking about them — and that are passed along by communication and imitation from one generation to the next.

Culture is symbolic communication. As a business that has done right by people at its core, it is fitting that Empact Group actively invests in building a company culture that reflects its values, adds the organisation. 

Empact Group's CEO Alan Quinn spoke at a Heritage Month staff celebration, underlining how culture and heritage are integral to the company's past, present and future.

"Our five values are not just a tagline; they are the essence of our business heritage. They define who we are, and they are the cornerstone of our commitment to caring and doing right by you," says Quinn. 

Integrity is a bedrock of Empact Group's culture, demonstrated through a commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity. According to the organisation, the eDeaf initiative is a vivid illustration of this dedication, embracing the Deaf culture and increasing public awareness of Deaf issues. 

In 2023, Empact Group launched an internal campaign to empower staff to communicate through sign language, reinforcing their connection with the Deaf Empactors they collaborate with daily.

Empact Group's investments in employee development reflect the company's belief in nurturing its workforce, says the group. Through training programs, educational opportunities and career advancement pathways, employees are equipped with the tools and support necessary for personal and professional growth.

Innovation and partnership are not just buzzwords at Empact Group; they are deeply rooted in the corporate culture, the company adds. 

At one of their food service sites, the entire team is encouraged to propose ideas for weekly pop-ups in the staff restaurant, and they are empowered to implement and manage these ideas. Empact Group adds that this approach promotes teamwork, collaboration and a supportive atmosphere among employees.

Empact Group's commitment to service and partnership extends to community involvement and sustainability. The company actively participates in community service and philanthropic activities, supporting organisations like Tears Foundation and LIV Villages on special days like Mandela Day and Women's Day.

The company's Corporate Social Investment strategy integrates people and communities into its bottom line, focusing on environmental practices, people development and community engagement, according to the group. 

Recognising and rewarding employees for their hard work and dedication is a hallmark of Empact Group. The recent awards were won by the Facilities Management Division and Supercare Services Group, including the PMR.africa Diamond Arrow and PMR.africa Golden Arrow, showcase the company's dedication to delivering exceptional services.

Empact Group's culture is a reflection of its commitment to embracing diversity and honouring the golden thread that ties everyone together as Empactors — their shared values. This culture is not an occasional occurrence; it thrives each and every day of the year, permeating every aspect of the organisation, says the group. 

As Empact Group continues to flourish, these values will remain the cornerstone of its success, concludes the organisation. 

For more information, visit www.empactgroup.co.za or contact Empact Group at [email protected].