"We are thrilled to be recognised at one of the largest design competitions worldwide for our good design and creativity," says Tiago Abreu, head of design innovation centre X-Lab at TCL.

"The TCLGreen sculpture is the perfect showcase of the combined power of art and technology in inspiring greatness and creating impact. Symbolising growth and appreciation of all our planet's resources, the installation illustrates our commitment to facilitating a greener planet for all," adds Abreu.

First introduced along with the global '#TCLGreen' campaign, the TCLGreen sculpture represents TCL's ESG story and journey towards sustainable development, says the company.

The art is made of over 1 000 upcycled and discarded electronic circuit boards supplied by TCL, takes inspiration from blades of grass and illustrates the key challenge of electronic product recycling. This is while fusing elements of sustainable physical art, interactive art, metaverse art and AI to present a truly immersive experience.

Earlier in 2023, the TCLGreen sculpture took home the Golden A Design Award as the sole winner in the Circular Economy and Regenerative Design category. Before that, part of the installation also appeared at CES 2023 in Las Vegas and Milan Design Week to inspire visitors on their path toward a sustainable lifestyle. At IFA 2023 in September, the artwork was partially on display as part of a multi-sensory exhibition that combines video, sound and light.

The company says that while '#TCLGreen' was officially launched in 2022, sustainability has long been a priority of TCL. As a global technology company and a responsible corporate citizen, TCL applies innovation, green technology and clean energy solutions across its products, manufacturing, supply chain and culture.

In addition to implementing lightweight, pollution-free, renewable and sustainable packaging materials, it ensures the design of each product is as eco-friendly as possible through diligent R&D efforts — achieving improved practicality, durability and efficiency to protect the environment and helping consumers save, the company adds. 

In October, TCL Industries was honoured by the World Green Design Organization with the Green Design International Contribution Award.

In terms of manufacturing, TCL says that it has established various effective procedures to reduce pollution, optimise energy consumption and manage greenhouse gases throughout the process.

Notably, it has made significant commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of water, power, natural gas and EPS by 2025. In its Carbon Neutrality White Paper, released in July 2023, it officially declared goals to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Moreover, TCL adds that it has actively engaged suppliers and employees to create a more sustainable supply chain and culture. In 2022, the company updated internal environmental protection requirements and initiated a halogen-free technical standard system with suppliers, eventually achieving a halogen-free bill of materials for most of TCL's smartphones.

In the United States, TCL has also been working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under its America Recycles Pledge, as well as with state agencies and local communities to advance recycling and education programmes.

For its commitment to sustainability, the company has won the Gold Tier Award in the EPA's annual Sustainable Materials Management Electronics Challenge for four years in a row. It also received the first-ever Special Sustainability Leadership Award in 2021.

With a history spanning over six decades, the Red Dot Design Award is globally regarded today as one of the most sought-after marks of quality for good design, concludes the company.

As an award-winning project, the TCLGreen art installation will be presented to a wider global audience on the Red Dot website and at other in-person exhibitions. 

For more information, visit www.tcl.com. You can also follow TCL on Facebook, X or on Instagram.