Mustapha is an internationally recognised humanitarian, philanthropist and founder of the Future Prowess Foundation School for orphans and less privileged children. 

According to Henley & Partners, the award, which honours an individual who shows exceptional courage and commitment towards improving and supporting the global community, was presented at a gala reception during the 17th annual Global Citizenship Conference at the Shangri-La Hotel DIFC in Dubai, UAE.

The conference was attended by heads of government, policymakers, leading academics, private client advisors, family offices, as well as entrepreneurs and investors.

Mustapha played a critical role in mediating the release of over 100 of the Chibok school girls who were kidnapped by the Islamic insurgency group Boko Haram in a remote part of Nigeria in April 2014, giving rise to the international '#BringBackOurGirls' campaign, says Henley & Partners. 

The school Mustapha founded in 2007 in Maiduguri — the capital of Borno State and the epicenter of the Boko Haram rebellion — provides free education, meals, uniforms and healthcare to children on both sides of the conflict as a sign of the reconciliation he hopes to achieve in the region, Henley & Partners adds. 

Chairperson of Henley & Partners and founder of the Andan Foundation Dr Christian H. Kaelin says Mustapha is a most worthy and inspiring recipient of the award.

"As a champion for the safety and education rights of all displaced and orphaned children afflicted by the brutal violence in Northern Nigeria, Mustapha has demonstrated vision, exceptional courage and innovation in driving change. His actions and outlook are a valuable contribution toward a more just, peaceful and tolerant world," says Dr Kaelin. 

"He is a true 'game changer' bridging gender, political and religious divides by helping children on both sides of the conflict come together and learn under the same roof. We need more Zannah Mustaphas in the world," Dr Kaelin adds. 

The Global Citizen Award selection process is based on a majority decision of the Global Citizen Award Committee, according to Henley & Partners. The award itself consists of:
  • a bespoke sculptural medal designed by leading Italian artist Antonio Nocera
  • an award certificate signed by the chairperson of the Global Citizen Award Committee, and
  • a monetary prize of USD$25 000, which goes towards supporting the awardee's humanitarian efforts.

In addition, Henley & Partners says it commits to working closely with the awardee for a period of one year, raising awareness of their work and supporting the selected project through the firm's network of more than 40 offices worldwide.

Since its inception, the Global Citizen Award has honoured many remarkable individuals, says Henley & Partners.

The first laureate was German entrepreneur Harald Höppner, who set up the refugee humanitarian aid project Sea-Watch.

Other previous recipients are Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, founder of the Gift of the Givers Foundation, Africa's largest disaster relief organisation, and Monique Morrow, co-founder of The Humanised Internet, a digital identity project that aims to bring hope to the estimated 1.1 billion individuals in the world who cannot prove their legal identity.

Diep Vuong, co-founder and president of the Pacific Links Foundation, was awarded for their work in Southeast Asia, campaigning for the rights of those enslaved by human trafficking, and Prof Dr Padraig O'Malley received the Global Citizen Award in recognition of his work on conflict resolution and reconciliation in Iraq, Northern Ireland and South Africa.

Thanking Henley & Partners and the Andan Foundation for their recognition of his work, Mustapha concludes, "Humanity's interconnectedness in the global data sphere is now undeniable, constituting an expansive realm with limitless possibilities. In contrast, the unity among races, ethnicities and citizens has grown increasingly delicate. Only global citizenship can heal."

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