According to the gallery, the exhibition marks a historic moment that positions artists as pioneers in a modern-day art revolution, fostering unity and innovation within the continent's contemporary art scene.

Back to the Future is a journey celebrating the continent's art history roots dating back 26 000 years, says to Jeleni & Phindi Gallery. 

The term "Botaki", originating from the Sotho language in South Africa, signifies 'art'. In the spirit of "Botaki", the gallery, which soft-launched in late October, is hosting work from artists from different corners of the continent with the unique contributions of artists who transcend geographical boundaries, embodying the diverse tapestry of African artistic expression.

In a first for the continent, Back to the Future is revolutionising the art world by introducing an NFT platform to support artists in their creative journey, addressing historical issues with intellectual property. The platform enables artists to copyright artworks, ensuring perpetual income, the gallery says. 

Jeleni and Phindi Gallery says it is committed to ensuring no artist goes hungry and that their creativity is deservedly recognised beyond borders. 

According to Jeleni & Phindi Gallery, the art exhibition aims to foster meaningful relationships among African contemporary artists, sparking a movement that transcends borders. This initiative is a catalyst for collaboration, innovation and a redefinition of Africa's influence in the global art landscape.

The renowned artists whose work is in the gallery include:
  • Belmiro (Jemmiro) Jemusse Thulani Nhlapo
  • Dario Maniate
  • Ryan Shava
  • Thabiso Dakamela
  • Nico Phooko
  • Kofie
  • Mpho Nkadimeng
  • Siyabonga Fani
  • David Ofentse Moratluwa
  • Greatjoy
  • Ntsikelelo Mzimbovu
  • Conrad Botha
  • Jo-Anne Pietersen
  • Guinevere Thomas, and
  • Sizani Baloyi.

Back to the Future represents a visionary shift, laying the cornerstone for a future where African artists no longer have to travel overseas to make a living from their art, says the gallery. This paradigm shift empowers artists to thrive on their continent, ensuring financial stability without the need to seek recognition abroad. Jeleni and Phindi aim to inspire galleries worldwide by inviting buyers globally to invest in African art.

The Jeleni and Phindi Gallery amplify charitable giving as part of their commitment to creating social impact. The auction will support two vital foundations:
  • Jeleni and Pindi Foundation, an artist incubator committed to assisting artists with the business side of their craft, providing insights into copyright and intellectual property matters. The foundation also works to capacitate artists, ensuring they stay encouraged to produce art.
  • Pink Warrior Foundation, which focuses on early detection of breast cancer by raising awareness and promoting health initiatives for women.

Jeleni & Phindi Gallery has invited individuals resonating with this cause to attend the event or contribute funds for the exhibition. The artists hail from different parts of the continent, emphasising the unity driving this transformative movement.

"Back to the Future isn't just an art auction; the event is unique as the precipitous event for a paradigm shift. In the storm of global art, this movement asserts that Africa is not only part of the narrative but is leading the way," the gallery says. 

Event details:
  • Date: Tuesday, 28 November 2023
  • Venue: Jeleni Gallery, Randburg Square Rooftop

"Join us on this extraordinary journey as Back to the Future redefines Africa's historical narrative, celebrating its timeless prowess in art and technology, while supporting the Jeleni and Pindi Foundation and the Pink Warrior Foundation," concludes the gallery.