The brand says when you order a Pint for a Purpose beer at Jack Black's Taproom until the end of December, the proceeds directly benefit FOTM.

Andy Davies, chairperson of Friends of Table Mountain, emphasises the alignment of values between Jack Black and FOTM.

"Jack Black is clearly committed to giving back to the community to create positive change. Similar to Jack Black, FOTM strives to make a meaningful impact on our beautiful mountain. We are thrilled and deeply grateful for this partnership."

Friends of Table Mountain says one of its missions is the maintenance of Table Mountain National Park's trails, ensuring both locals and visitors can cherish the park's beauty for generations to come.

Davies underscores the value of Jack Black's support in raising public awareness of the initiative, saying, "We are thankful for the opportunity to connect with many of our stakeholders and shareholders at the Jack Black Taproom quiz night. This greatly strengthens our presence within the Table Mountain National Park Community."

Meghan McCulloch, co-founder of Jack Black, says, "This year has been an incredible one for Pint for a Purpose. We've achieved record-breaking months, both in terms of the much-needed funding for our partner organisations and by extending the reach of their messages."

According to the brand, throughout 2023, Jack Black and its customers have championed some remarkable causes, partnering with organisations such as:
  • Protect the West Coast
  • Greenpop
  • Sentinel Ocean Alliance (S.O.A), and
  • Volunteer Wildlife Services.

McCulloch says, "The community involvement in the programme  has been phenomenal. The programme extends outside of the Taproom and has brought together communities and partners for tree plantings, beach clean-ups, charity quizzes and more. We can't wait for next year when we will be taking the programme to new heights."

McCulloch adds, "One of the most exciting aspects of Pint for a Purpose is the enthusiasm and willingness of people to get involved. It has always been our view that every small action, when compounded, can lead to true change. The enthusiasm and support of the programme this year have made us even more motivated for next year."

"At the end of the day, our vision for the programme is to help shine a spotlight on all the amazing work these organisations are doing and to see how, in our small way, we can help them make a difference,' concludes McCulloch. 

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all who have supported Jack Black's initiatives throughout the year, concludes the brand. Your pint has truly made a meaningful difference.

Jack Black encourages everyone to visit Jack Black's Taproom to show their support and follow the brand on Instagram to keep up with its initiatives.

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