The South African Healthcare Workers For Palestine is set to host an event on Saturday, 10 February. Titled 'Soles of our Souls,' this school shoe memorial, the largest of its kind in South Africa, will take place in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. 

The event is dedicated to honouring the memory of over 10 000 children who lost their lives in Gaza on Saturday, 7 October 2023. Each pair of shoes signifies a step towards hope and the enduring power of education, according to the organisation. 

In collaboration with the Gift of the Givers, the South African Healthcare Workers For Palestine have launched a crowdfunding initiative on BackaBuddy. The goal is to raise R1.5-million to provide school shoes, valued at R150 each, to underprivileged children in South Africa. Since Wednesday, 17 January, the campaign has been warmly received, with over R26 000 already raised.

The organisation concludes that this event is more than a memorial; it's a collective journey towards a brighter future for children, the foundation of our shared humanity.

BackaBuddy, South Africa's largest donations-based crowdfunding platform offers non-profit organisations like Gift of the Givers a 0% platform fee, ensuring that a greater portion of the donations will directly benefit the children in need.

Additionally, donors are eligible for a Section18A Tax certificate from Gift of the Givers.

Individuals are encouraged to view the campaign here

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