WomenCan focuses on forging deep connections with women, providing a space for them to share their diverse and impactful stories, says Envision Brand. 

Tumi Mthembu, the CEO and founder of Envision Brand, emphasises the importance and richness of women's narratives in various sectors, from professional to personal.

"We've noticed the power and relevance of women's stories in our work with female talent and women-led brands and suppliers. Our role as storytellers inspired us to highlight the accomplishments and experiences of women, showcasing the diverse capabilities of what WomenCan achieve, whether in the workplace, business or at home. Each woman's journey is not only unique but also universally resonant," Mthembu says.

According to Envision Brand, the WomenCan initiative plans to host a series of empowerment events, including master classes and wellness boot camps. These events are designed to foster growth, transformation and the development of more female leaders. 

"Our belief is that women are stronger together. Through WomenCan, we aim to unlock the latent potential of women and cultivate a community where all women can flourish and become a source of inspiration for others," Mthembu concludes. 

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*Image courtesy of contributor