Despite a challenging economic environment, these Mama Afrikas have taken their projects to new heights in 2023, with some doubling their monthly income and providing jobs to community members, says Clover Mama Africa.

"This is an outstanding achievement — one that clearly shows the 'Rand and Cent' benefits of upskilling and community support," says professor Elain Vlok, Clover's manager of the Clover Mama Afrika Trust. 
Clover Mama Africa looks at some of their key achievements in 2023, which will set the scene for the 2024 year: 

Mama Nondumiso Mpitimpiti from Step Ahead Early Childhood Development Centre, Amalinda Forest — economic empowerment through tender success

For Mama Nondumiso, the highlight of 2023 was her centre winning a tender from IDT Step Ahead.

This brought job opportunities to 187 individuals in the Amalinda Forest community, making a real impact on their lives.

Mama Nondumiso notes that this gives the unemployed back their self-worth, but it also means they can put food on their family tables. 

Mama Lizzy Magama from Siyanqoba Centre in Olievenhoutbosh — breaking records and new equipment

Through innovative sales strategies and overcoming challenges such as power outages and strikes, Mama Lizzy acquired a large oven with Vlok's support and was able to double her income.

This will allow Mama Lizzy to further take advantage of catering opportunities and grow further in 2024, according to the initiative.

Mama Nolitha Ndalasi from Khayelitsha, Western Cape — community recognition and income generation

Community recognition and the ability to generate income through projects like chicken farming stand out for Mama Nolitha.

She credits Clover Mama Afrika for providing valuable skills that empower her and uplift her community; skills which she plans to place at the centre of her 2024 goals.

Mama Lydia Isaacs from Ebenezer Hannah Home, Ennerdale — the strength and care of women

Mama Lydia reflects on the virtues of patience, strength and care that women bring to their communities, forming the bedrock of positive change. It reminds her of the reasons she is on this legacy to follow in her mother Mama Shirley Merime's footsteps. 
As the first month of 2024 comes to a close, Vlok concludes, "These Mama Afrikas stand as beacons of inspiration and resilience, ready to tackle new challenges in the coming year. We continue to be proud of their achievements while standing ready to support them with skills and advice in 2024." 
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*Image courtesy of contributor