World Wildlife Day, observed annually on this date, is a global initiative dedicated to recognising the significance of wild animals and plants and acknowledging their unique roles and contributions to people and the planet, says EcoTraining. 

The theme for World Wildlife Day 2024 is 'Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation'.

According to EcoTraining, this theme underscores the critical role of digital innovation in:
  • advancing wildlife conservation efforts
  • promoting sustainable and legal wildlife trade, and
  • facilitating harmonious human-wildlife coexistence.
EcoTraining says that it has proactively embraced the value of digital technologies in wildlife conservation by recognising the potential of digital tools and innovations to enhance the understanding of wildlife and their habitats to reach a far wider audience.

Expanding on this initiative, EcoTraining aims to inspire a new wave of conservationists through their online courses. This endeavor aims to empower individuals, particularly aspiring professional guides who may be unable to physically explore the African bush, by providing access to a range of online courses.

EcoTraining adds that it offers five courses digitally:
  • On-Demand Field Guide
  • Trails Guide Online Course (Apprentice Trails Guide) Online Field Guide
  • Online Birding Enthusiast, and
  • Online Tracking Enthusiast courses.
"World Wildlife Day is a significant moment for us to reflect on the interconnectedness of people and the planet. This year's theme resonates with our mission as we continue to integrate digital innovation into our training programmes," says EcoTraining director Alex van den Heever.  

"Our online courses have proven to be an immersive and effective way to captivate students, allowing them to engage with the magic of nature through their screens," concludes van den Heever. 

EcoTraining concludes that it encourages individuals and organisations to join in the celebration of World Wildlife Day, recognising the importance of digital innovation in wildlife conservation and fostering a collective commitment to safeguarding the planet's biodiversity.

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*Image courtesy of contributor