The Independent Agency Search and Selection Company (IAS) has announced its collaboration with TrinityP3, an Australian company, to launch Trinity’s web-based survey system - Evalua8ing in South Africa. This survey system accurately measures the level of co-operation between clients and their agencies with the purpose of enhancing and improving these complex business relationships.

Evalu8ing is the new generation of effective online relationship management systems. “This tool allows clients and agencies to measure the level of collaboration by all parties involved in their marketing mix. Responses to the survey are anonymous removing the emotional factor and within three weeks, a client and its agencies can have a fully detailed relationship data analysis,” explains IAS Managing Director, Johanna McDowell.

The IAS will develop the questions to suit each participant in the survey which is then sent to the client departments and agencies to answer within 7 days of receipt. Answering the questionnaire takes no longer than 15 minutes, and any question that is not relevant can be tagged by the users. Thereafter the results and feedback is collated and the report is produced with proposed best practices that are actionable immediately.

Comments Darren Woolley, Managing Director of TrinityP3 who founded and developed Evalu8ing, “Evalu8ing was launched in the Australian and Asian markets earlier this year and has enjoyed some significant successes among clients and agencies where the complexities of multi relationships impact on the successes of the outcomes of each party. It is never easy to give accurate, data-based feedback to agencies and clients and we are finding that the outcomes of our Evalu8ing surveys are smoothing the way for more productive, effective relationships between the various parties.”

Latest trends have shown that clients are also shopping around and finding their own suppliers along with their agencies to maximise their budget and ensure the success of their marketing strategy. “In this era of production de-coupling, Evalu8ing will be able to provide valuable data that will help all parties maximise their levels of efficiency,” McDowell continues.

Evalua8ing provides an accurate summary of the current perceptions; level of communication; and performance within and between the client and its agencies. The results thereafter can be scrutinised and any issues and problems are easily identified along with measurable solutions that can be implemented. By employing this product now offered by the IAS, companies can optimise communication between all parties to ensure everyone is aligned with the client’s objectives and values.

“At the IAS, we would rather devote our attention to the improvement of client and agency relationships with the intention of ensuring longer term sustainability between the parties. In our experience this has a far greater benefit for building brands through effective advertising than resorting to a competitive pitching situation,” concludes McDowell.