Accsys , a national supplier of payroll, HR, Time & Attendance and Access Control solutions, has stamped its authority on local skills development. The company, renowned for its contribution to education and training within HR and payroll administration, was acknowledged by industry as an Achiever Awards 2010 finalist within the Best Training Programme: Medium-sized Company category.

The company was nominated based on its adherence to full criteria as laid down by the organisers of the competition and the success of its eLearning Programme. This criteria includes proof of reliable, effective support and service to markets and developing business; skills development; and measurable contribution to the process of training across industries.

The Accsys eLearning Programme is accredited by the Services SETA (Sector Education Training Authority) and is based on the ‘virtual classroom’ concept. It offers learners an opportunity to acquire NQF Level 5 certification in payroll administration.

Executive management attended the annual Achiever Awards, hosted in March at the CSIR Convention Centre, which incorporated a Skills and Training Summit Expo.

Commenting on the event and Accsys’ participation, CEO Teryl Schroenn, said she was proud of the company’s achievement in having reached this level of the national competition and was greatly encouraged by the level of recognition the company has gained for its successful eLearning programme.

“We are very pleased and immensely proud of our offering to the market. The Achiever Awards is a credible and exciting industry-led event that truly recognises those companies that do invest in their staff as well as the wider community,” said Schroenn.

Accsys first signalled the strength and credibility of its skills development and human resource expertise when it developed and introduced the first online payroll course in Africa 4 years ago. Since this milestone event, Accsys management has continued to make significant strides in entrenching professional standards within payroll administration.

Management strongly advocates skilled, qualified payroll administration and HR practitioners. To further entrench the importance of education and training within these areas of business management, Accsys has established Accsys PeoplePlace, a fully equipped recruitment and career development division, as well as an internship affiliated to the Accsys eLearning Programme.

According to Schroenn, eLearning has emerged as a pivotal tool within education and training. In addition to the benefit of being cost-effective (no transport costs, relocation or other logistical issues), eLearning also empowers individuals with the skills to make them more productive and therefore more valuable as assets within the modern workplace.

“The human resource arena has undergone substantial and significant change. Those entering the human resource or payroll administration fields must have the relevant skills sets, must be proficient in handling new systems and should ideally have the practical experience to support theory in order to manage in what are now viewed upon as being highly significant areas of business management,” adds Schroenn.

Schroenn is confident that the eLearning course will grow in appeal and confirmed that Accsys will be among the competitors at next year’s Achiever Awards.

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