With government contracts and the taxi industry under their belt,, CMC is now adding ambulances and panel vans to the mix. CMC felt that it should focus on securing a share of the consumer market. The company thus decided to approach Wetpaint to back 'the engine that could'.

With PR being the first strategic phase of the company’s campaign, it proceeded to host a series of media launch events. The first of these was held at Gerotekin in June, where a range of vehicles were test driven on various types of terrain, most notably and off-road course and a skid pan. These test drives were done using a selection of police vehicles, Plutus bakkies and ambulances. The second launch event, hosted in July, focused on CMC’s new fleet of passenger vehicles, the Plutus single and doubles cabs, the Lifan Hatch and Sedan, the Amandla and finally the new 16 seater; Ses'Buyile.

Hosted at the Wanderers club in Illovo, an array of media representatives were invited to report on their impressions of this new fleet. The Wanderers event ensured good media, and generated coverage in the press from Car magazine, Automotive Business Review, and a variety of others proving that there is interest in CMC as a brand.

Following the good media coverage, CMC will be launching a consumer campaign in September, making use of nationwide shopping centre exhibitions, radio competitions, online banner ads, full page adverts in automotive industry publications and even a branded fleet of vehicles touring the countryside. The company will also be hosting taxi rank activations to push the range of Amandla and Ses’Buyile taxis even further.