Home cooks all around South Africa now have mealtime recipes at their fingertips by simply typing in the pantry item ingredients from their own kitchen and hitting enter. The automated bot then does the rest and sends through a recipe to match the ingredients available.

Behind the launch of this innovative mealtime technology is leading digital agency Liquorice DigitasLBi and Unilever, leading FMCG manufacturer who produces savoury food brands including Knorr.

“At Unilever, we believe in finding ways to make consumers’ lives easier and this innovation does just that,” comments Lunga Ngcime, Unilever digital marketing lead for Sub-Saharan Africa. “Dinner on Demand is rooted in a real consumer need for quick on-the-go meal inspiration and Liquorice has really helped us deliver our innovation agenda.” 

Miles Murphy, founder and CEO of Liquorice says that innovation is the key. “Innovation has been the cornerstone of our relationship with Unilever since we started our journey with them in 2008. They have allowed us the space to explore and break new ground and Dinner on Demand is a true example of innovation excellence.”

So how does it work? Visit ‘W4Dinner’ on Facebook and click on ‘Message’ to start your conversation in Messenger. Type in your ingredients and in seconds, you’ll be sent a recipe – it’s that easy.

For more information, visit www.whatsfordinner.co.za. Alternatively, connect with them on Facebook or on Twitter.