As a first-time supporter of the popular reality series’ current fifth season, LANCEWOOD® recognised the need to provide their social media followers with an entertaining, interactive Bot that enhances their Braai Master viewing experience and speaks to their love of cooking with their favourite cheese products.

The LANCEWOOD® Emoji Meals mechanic was designed to ensure viewers could easily access a variety of exciting content. By sending a food Emoji to LANCEWOOD®’s Facebook page via private message, the Bot instantly responds with a recipe or tip related to the Emoji. As an example, if you send the brand a strawberry Emoji, the Bot will respond with a recipe for fruit cheese salad with strawberry vinaigrette.

“People are often bombarded with a slew of marketing messages on brands’ Facebook pages. These posts quickly lose their appeal as they lack the essence of what these platforms are about: Engaging with customers, giving users the opportunity to receive information in a fun, educational way, and speaking to their core interests via inspiring, relevant conversations. We wanted to take our support of the Ultimate Braai Master to another level and give followers of the series a quality, instant offering that is attuned to their passion for social media channels. With our Facebook Emoji Bot, we are rewarding consumers with bespoke recipes to try out at home, at the click of a finger,” says Shereen Anderhold, marketing manager at LANCEWOOD®.

Shereen continues, “The response from our Facebook community has been phenomenal. About 1 251 unique users have already tried out the LANCEWOOD® Emoji Meals Bot, and approximately 46 644 interactions have taken place to date. Being a supporter of this season of Ultimate Braai Master gives LANCEWOOD® the opportunity to enhance fans’ overall watching experience with great recipes to whip up at their next braai. With over a million viewers having already tuned in for the second episode, we look forward to reaching, even more, braai enthusiasts across the nation with our LANCEWOOD® Emoji Meals.”

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