Family and friendship were at the heart of the campaign. In South Africa, Coca-Cola worked with Facebook and its agency Hellocomputer on a multimedia campaign that featured a prominent and finely targeted Facebook component.

Using reach and frequency buying, carousel ads, Canvas, and video ads, Coca-Cola launched a three month campaign that reached millions of people across all types of mobile devices.

The video ads told compelling stories, while the Canvas format gave people the opportunity to create gifs that reflect the feelings they have when enjoying a Coca-Cola.

The beverage company also used Facebook’s slideshow ad format to make sure that people with lower bandwidth devices didn’t miss out on the good vibes.

In addition to this major brand awareness program, Coca-Cola carried out a cross-media study to gather valuable insight into how to use Facebook for future campaigns.

Between Tuesday, 1 March and Monday, 30 May 2016, Coca-Cola saw:

  • 42% increase in individual reach, with only 3.5% of budget; 
  • 8X increase in brand impact versus TV and other digital video;
  • 96% total campaign reach;
  • 3X more cost-effective than TV advertising (in terms of gross rating points); and
  • 6X more cost-effective than other digital video.

Sharon Keith, marketing director, Coca-Cola Southern Africa, says of the campaign, “Not only did we manage to reach our core audience successfully and drive key objectives of landing this new brand relaunch, but through the first cross media study in Africa we have gained invaluable insight into Facebook's reach within the media mix, and this will influence how we plan going into the future. We are delighted with the results and our continuing partnership with Facebook Africa.”

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