How many times have we all 'Googled' a potential work colleague or would-be employee and come across their Twitter account, only to find out it was registered years ago, with the last tweet months ago?

As a mobile marketer, what has been really interesting for me to observe is how some users have managed to radically boost the popularity of social media platforms – like Twitter.

Some tweets are being reported on, and even making the news. That’s incredible. Here are some hints to the C-level corporate crowd on how to boost your social media popularity, as well as how to avoid being ridiculed.

Develop a social media plan

Make sure that your company has already developed a social media plan and that it expressly makes allowances for your top dog jumping in on Twitter on an ad hoc basis.

As risky as that sounds, the CEO piping up on Twitter can successfully be incorporated into the greater social media plan. You’ll need to gently impress upon the CEO that Twitter is not to engage in what some 'experts' have called 'random acts of marketing' – they’ll make a hash of it. The marketing department needs to come up with a social media plan, the CEO needs to study it carefully, and needs to ask the relevant minions for advice.

Protect yourself

You may want to consider adding a layer of protection to catch any obvious social 'silliness'. Think carefully about suggesting to the boss how much better it would be to rather text, for example, proposed tweets to a smart young marketing coordinator who can pick up any misspellings, incorrect use of hashtags, etc.

You want the boss, and the company, to look slick – not like they discovered Twitter that same week. Radio stations have airtime delays – and for good reason.  

Engage, engage, engage

Encourage your CEO to adopt a balanced and measured approach that acknowledges they don’t know it all just because they’ve learnt how to compose a tweet. All potential tweeters need to take the time to properly engage with the audience, see what they’re tweeting, and what feedback they’re providing.

Here, one always needs to refer back to the content plan that the marketing department has – hopefully – developed in between their Facebook time. Good luck.

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