"As a business, there’s no denying that advancements of digitalisation and, more specifically, social media platforms, has greatly affected the way in which our business operations are required to run," says Laurence Hillman, MD for 1Life.

Hillman adds, "When you look at how a platform such as Facebook has grown in South Africa, with a reported 14 million users, it was only fitting that we created a solution in this space – synonymous with our multi-channel approach – and enabling consumers to engage with us directly through a hassle free and engaging conversation. Emily has enabled us to do just that."

"The name Emily means to strive, excel, or rival, which aligns strongly with our quest to be the best life insurance company in South Africa. Emily is another extension of our commitment to responding to our customers’ needs and creating an experience for our customers that exceed their expectations," says Hillman.

Whether accessing the service using a PC or a mobile phone, users can engage with Emily by using Facebook Messenger to source a basic life insurance quote in real time – formulated through the information the consumer provides by way of a series of conversational questions.

The service was designed to replicate a real-life conversation, which aims to get users to experience 1Life’s usual customer service tone and approach.

"Customer centricity has always been key for us as a brand as it forms the very foundation of our operations. Therefore, where consumers go, we follow. Operating on the type of industry we do, it is critical for businesses to be aware of, and embrace, ongoing consumer trends, including those of the millennial generation – who have a strong inclination towards technological convenience," adds Hillman.

Hillman concludes, "In a time of increasing digital technology penetration in the life insurance sector, we are extremely proud to be able to further revolutionise the industry for the better – with the introduction of Emily," concludes Hillman.

Emily can be accessed through Facebook Messenger by searching for '1Life Bot'.

For more information, visit www.1life.co.za. Alternatively, connect with them on Facebook or on Twitter.