Greeff, who was born in Johannesburg, lived in Gauteng, the Western Cape, and Kwa-Zulu Natal while growing up, but settled in Cape Town and surrounds eleven years ago. She studied photography at the Stellenbosch Institute for photographic and multimedia studies.

Greeff adds, "I’m delighted to be joining CampusKey. I’ll be in charge of planning and executing strategy for our social media platforms, as well as maintaining the website. I love the challenge of working in a new industry, applying my knowledge to a different market, and making the most of my skillset. It also doesn’t hurt that the first two months’ strategy is about my two biggest loves – fitness and food."

Greeff says CampusKey offers an all-inclusive, hassle-free product. "CampusKey boasts a national footprint with 3 769 beds, including Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Potchefstroom, Pretoria, and Stellenbosch. We don’t only offer beds, but an environment where young adults can develop their full potential, socialise, and support one another. It’s all about the lifestyle and experience students have at CampusKey, about being part of a community and getting all the support you need," she adds. 

Greeff, who has been working since she was 15 years old, says her mom believed in teaching them the value of money and a good work ethic. She adds, "I had two jobs while studying to pay for my photography course, and have been working ever since. In true millennial style (even though I might be just a little too old to be a real millennial), I’ve had a variety of jobs in different industries, which I feel gives me quite a broad perspective." 

"While it may sound counter-intuitive for a social media and marketing manager, my husband and I avoid social media at home, she says. "There is an actual ban on all social media after hours in our house. I also create balance by incorporating specific activities that I enjoy into my daily life, including exercise, cooking, and baking. I’m very good at compartmentalising – a skill I am still trying to teach my husband."

Leon Howell, MD of CampusKey, adds, "We’re thrilled with the appointment of Marlé Greeff, who brings a wealth of knowledge in her field. We’re a growing company with a committed, energetic, and young team to ensure that we move with the times and offer our students an improved experience every year."

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