So Interactive’s creative director, Letitia Lerm, says that while sushi is already a worldwide popular form of delicate food art, Mediterrasian sushi is by far a unique, flavoursome experience.

"It was important for us to give the viewer an experience beyond the copy and photography," says Lerm. "The idea was to represent Ocean Basket’s sushi as a feast of flavours, enticing the heart and mouth to experience an all-around adventure."

Facebook Canvas Ad – Ocean Basket Mediterrasian sushi

"Facebook Canvas ads are not uncommon in the field but is a new territory for local food brands. Our Ocean Basket campaign offered social media audiences a new and authentic visual experience, amplifying the impact of the beautiful imagery and video content," adds Lerm.

The ad received a positive cross-platform rollout, which included carousel advertising and the full spectrum of social media interfaces. It was accompanied by descriptors and emoticon explanations for some of the original Japanese sushi names. It has since transferred to the big screen, now flighting in cinemas around South Africa.

Mediterranean sushi only at Ocean Basket

"You don’t break through the mould by doing what you’ve always done just because it works; you break through the mould by shaking things up, stepping outside the proverbial box, and taking risks," says Lerm.

"By prioritising innovative thinking and creativity, our team was able to hold its own at the forefront of a solid strategy. ‘Amazing’ is certainly possible when you can do this, and, of course, when you have clients that aren’t afraid to push the boundaries," Lerm concludes.

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