Whether you’re a small start-up or massive corporation operating in both business-to-business or business-to-consumer markets, this social media inspiration should keep you inspired for a long time – and help boost your social media engagement, too.

The team at Arc Interactive have put together their top tips on creating highly engaging social media content. They are:

1. Customise per platform

Optimise and customise your posts for the intended social media channel. From the size of your imagery right down to the length of your written content, this will give you more effective social media posts.

2. Utilise a blog

Using a blog, create social media posts to drive traffic to your website where your blog post is featured.

3. Turn your blog into a vlog

A vlog is a video blog (almost like web tv). A blog makes your content more personal and is a cost-effective way to amplify brand awareness.

4. Create a how-to video and webinars for users to upskill

People love consuming information almost as much as upskilling themselves in their own craft. Create a how-to video/webinar giving the user useful information for free.

5. Go live (even interview someone live) 

Whether this is live-tweeting from a conference you are at or live interviewing, making live content is real-time and in-the-moment, making users feel part of whatever is happening.

6. Attach a GIF, make your own meme or feature a Boomerang video

All three of these already dominate so much of social media content, and brands can use these for broader storytelling to stay relevant. GIFs fill the gap when static images are just not enough.

Clever memes can inspire and skyrocket your social engagement if done well. Boomerang videos can be used to create engaging video-looping content that you can use to promote a product, or just show off your brand personality.

7. Curate user-generated content

You know you are really building an online audience when users send in their very own photos with your product or using your service. Get their consent first, give them credit and then re-share this content on your own social channels.

8. Use a self-explanatory image/infographic

There is a demand for dynamic visual content, whether this is a self-explanatory image or an infographic. People no longer wish to scan through pages of text when wanting to learn or read things online.

9. Partner with another brand

Combine forces and amplify your social media by partnering up with another brand – whether this is as simple as agreeing to retweet and share one another’s content or partnering up to donate prizes.

10. Take behind-the-scenes photos

Give your followers and fans a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes part of your brand or culture. Show more videos and photos of your offices, your staff hard at work and your overall company culture. This works well for recruitment purposes too.

11. Run a competition

Everyone loves free stuff, especially if your brand is servicing the business-to-consumer market. Get your audience to share your content and like your post to win a competition. It’s a win-win situation. 

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*Image courtesy of Freepik