I often find myself bewildered at how so few companies, organisations and businesses do not have a digital marketing strategy – especially when it comes to their social media.

In my years of experience as a digital marketer, I’ve come across four misconceptions about social media strategies. And so I’ve taken it upon myself to debunk each of these misconceptions to hopefully give you a clearer idea as to why anyone who runs a business social media account should, in fact, have a social media strategy.

1. "I’m on Facebook all the time – I know how it works."

This is one of the biggest misconceptions there are. Personal Facebook and business Facebook are two very different things.

For a start, your tone of voice needs to reflect your brand; the types of imagery or video that you share need to also put your brand in a shining light. And let’s not get started on intervals between posts and optimal posting times.

Also, is Facebook the right platform for your brand? What about the others? These are often questions that stump many people.

2. "A social media strategy is luxury that only rich companies can afford."

A strategy need not be expensive. Sure if you go to a mega agency, they’re gonna charge you mega money. But there are smaller agencies that exist that have the same amount of expertise and can assist at a more affordable rate.

There are also numerous resources available online to help you make at least a starter strategy.

3. "A social media strategy is way too complicated for me."

This is another misconception that exists where business owners think a social media strategy needs to be a document filled with hard-to-follow, complicated instructions that are designed to confuse.

I’m happy to announce that this, too, is incorrect. While larger brands might have more hectic strategies, chances are they’re not so much complicated as they are time-consuming.

And yet, these brands have people that handle this all for them. But for someone who's just getting started, start your strategy in a simple manner by building on it as time goes on and as you start noticing trends and shifts in the industry.

4. "A social media strategy is finite."

If this were true, people like me would be struggling to find work – yet there are more and more of me popping up everywhere. This is because trends are constantly changing.

One of the things I love most about social media management is looking at the analytics. I love trying to understand people – what makes them tick, what their habits are, how those habits change, what content they like engaging with, which social networks they favour, etc.

The best, and the worst part is, as soon as you think you know your audience, they go and surprise you. You’re constantly learning about them and adapting your social media strategy.

If something doesn’t work, don’t see it as a failure, see it as a learning experience. Learn more about your consumer and understand them better so the next time you hit the nail on the head.

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