According to an article by media update, 70% of Generation Z and Millennials make between one and 10 purchases a month as a direct result of social media. If you target these two generations, it is important to know how to present your products on social media in the right way.

Here are seven rules of writing that will help you to create effective Instagram and Facebook posts that can take your sales to the next level:

1. Use appropriate language

Speak your customers' language, literally and figuratively. If your target audience speaks Spanish, you should write your posts in Spanish. If your target audience uses Internet acronyms, you should also add acronyms to your posts.

Make sure that the language style you choose will appeal to your prospective buyers and it will easily boost your sales.

2. Avoid sales cliché

Remember that sales clichés, as well as traditional marketing, do not work well on Generation Zs and Millenials. It's important to create social media posts that don't look like ads. Refrain from using phrases such as 'hurry up to buy' and 'don't miss a chance to get a discount' on Facebook and Instagram. These words irritate modern shoppers and may negatively affect your brand.

You should market your products in a non-sales way and let your prospective customers decide whether they need your product or not.

3. Add call to action

You can substitute standard sales clichés with appealing call to actions. Don't try to convince prospective buyers that they must 'make a purchase right here and right now'. It is better to invite them 'to check the link in bio' and look through your products.

4. Guide your customers

Modern customers are overwhelmed by too many choices; they find it challenging to pick one product among the dozens of similar items. If you want to boost sales, you should help your prospective buyers to make a purchasing decision.

Write social media posts that explain how your product differs from other products available in the market. You should explain, in simple words, what steps shoppers should take to choose the item that they really need.

5. Be creative

When it comes to social media, customers always demand unique, high-quality content. This means that you can't use similar product photos to what other sellers use. It also means that you can't 'copy past' the same caption to create multiple posts.

You should be creative and present your product in a new way, every day. Push yourself to think outside the box and brainstorm ideas with your team. Do your best to write the captions that will intrigue your target audience.

If you lack creativity, don't hesitate to get assistance from professional writers. You can visit PeoplePerHour and hire a freelancer, or, you can utilise writing services like TrustMyPaper.

6. Maintain brand consistency

Keep in mind that you should establish a unique brand voice and tone on social media. Every post you write should comply with the values that your company promotes.
When users come across your post on Facebook or Instagram, they should immediately be able to pick up that this post is written by your company. This should apply even in the cases when the post contains no direct mention of your brand.

Additionally, choose an appropriate length for your post. Marketing experts recommend keeping Facebook posts between 40 to 50 characters and Instagram posts under 125 characters.

If you sell clothes or jewelry and use high-quality images, marketers recommend that you use short captions. But if you sell products that are new to the market or products that don't look that great on pictures, you should write long captions. You should use the power of the word to convince your followers to try your product.

7. Proofread every post

No matter whether you write — short or long captions — you should proofread them thoroughly. It's important to ensure that random typos and grammar mistakes will not affect your brand.

You can proofread your social media posts using such tools as Grammarly and GrabMyEssay. It will save you time and improve the quality of your posts.

Keep in mind that your primary goal is to create content that adds value to your customers and not an ad that markets your product. Put your customers first and your social media content will drive your sales.

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