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Big changes due on WhatsApp 

The news: Popular messaging platform WhatsApp is adding various new features, including three new options for groups, fresh themes, advertisements and disappearing messages. 

Why it’s making headlines: WhatsApp is giving you a bit more authority when it comes to joining groups, which means you’ll have the option to approve every group you’re invited to join. And, starting in 2020, Facebook will be smashing through to your Whatsapp, publishing ads on your status page.

WhatsApp is giving you more power by allowing you to choose when messages can be deleted before your phone shouts ‘memory full’. 

The platform is finally giving users the options that they’ve been yearning for: more security features and better authoritative control over their account.

Facebook for dating

The news: Struggling to find love or a friend? Well, Facebook’s got you with its new dating site, Facebook Dating, which makes it easy to find love through common interests (pretty cool, huh?). 

Why it’s making headlines: Facebook Dating gives people the option to integrate their Instagram posts directly onto their Facebook Dating profile. If you’re 18-years and older, you will be suggested to others who have also opted in.

People are suggested to you based on your preferences, interests and other compatible elements that you have listed on your profile. 

Facebook won’t match you with your friends, unless you opt to use Secret Crush and you both add each other to the list. All your dating activities will remain on Facebook Dating; it won’t be shared to the rest of the platform. 

Twitter to start removing offensive posts 

The news: Twitter has announced that users will no longer be able to ‘Like’, retweet or share offending content from world leaders. The news comes after the platform announced in June that it would start flagging tweets that violate Twitter policies. 

Why it’s making headlines: Twitter says it’s looking to flag tweets from influential government officials who violate its rules, such as bullying and offensive behaviour. 

The platform has said it’s considering using the feature, disabling users from from liking, retweeting or even sharing offensive tweets. However, users will be able to quote-tweet the content post to share their views.  

Behaviors that could force Twitter to take action include: 
  • condoning terrorism
  • direct threats of violence against people 
  • sharing confidential information or personal photos
  • engaging in child sexual exploitation
  • promoting self-harm 

Twitter announced the new policies in June after it received criticism over failing to take action on tweets from President Donald Trump and other leaders that appear to violate its content policies.

With all the new changes on WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook, it’s bound to affect the way users interact on these platforms. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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