media update’s Talisa Jansen van Rensburg walks you through three steps on how to deal with these type of negative comments like a pro!

There comes a time in every brand’s life when a consumer will comment something negative on their social media pages. They might have a good reason for doing it, or they might just do it because they feel like it — regardless of the reason, these negative comments should always be handled quickly and professionally.

Here are three tips to help you handle negative comments like a pro:

1. Acknowledge the comment

At times, we forget that the engagement received on social media pages are from actual human beings. Whenever there is a negative comment on one of your posts, the best way to handle it is to acknowledge the comment and remember that there is someone with feelings on the other side, so be sure to respond to that person with respect.

There are, however, exceptions. Comments that include vulgar language, out of context attacks or spam should be removed ASAP.

But, keep in mind that removing all the negative comments on your social media is not always the way to go. You need to analyse each one individually and decide whether or not it should be deleted.

When you do engage with the comment — which should be practically always, unless it’s spam or vulgar content, as stated previously —, always respond to the person by saying that you will be in contact with them privately, and try to sort out the situation as soon as possible.

2. Don’t assume the person’s tone of voice

When you are reading comments online, it can be difficult to determine what the person’s tone of voice is, although certain word orders and emojis can give you a bit of a hint. For example, if the comment includes an angry face, they are obviously feeling angry.

You should never assume that you know exactly what is meant by the comment. Placing the comment in context is always the wisest thing to do; that way, you can get in contact with the consumer and speak to them about what is wrong before responding online.

If you think a comment is negative, don’t become defensive. Instead, respond with facts and always be polite. You are showing people who are interested in your brand what your true colours are, so be sure to show them something positive.

3. Never take it personally

It is hard to see people making negative comments about your brand when you work day and night ensuring that it is the best brand out there, but you can’t take it personally.

It is also important to remember that this person has a reason for not being happy with the service or product. So instead of telling the person that they are being unreasonable, show them that your brand cares and fix the situation.

Are there any other tips that you have tried on social media that also works well for handling negative comments? Let us know in the comments section below.

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