Want to attract a whole plethora of new followers? Then you’d best figure out the best times (and days) to post on your social media platforms. You might be wondering, how does posting at the optimal times reel in more users?

Well, people are accustomed to routine. And if your brand’s routine doesn’t line up to the times people are checking their social pages, then those users are far less likely to actually see your posts — meaning no engagement on your end.

Take Instagram, for example. This is a visual platform, where people like to post about their day-to-day lives and express their creativity. It would therefore only make sense that users would be keen to engage with this content in their spare time, such as on weekends.

“But don’t just take our word for it …” says the team at amaSocial.

Check out this infographic for all the deets:

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*Graphic created on Piktochart

**Information sourced from Social Media Today