The world has seen many types of influencers sprouting up, including kidfluencers, petfluencers and now ... momfluencers. These individuals are taking the social scene by storm with their baby pictures, fashion accessories and fitness regimes. Their aim is to break the stereotypes of grocery shopping, dishes and diaper changes by showing the world how being a mom can be fulfilling and fun.

So, are you ready to learn about what these influencers are all about?

The team at media update dives in:

What are ‘momfluencers’?

These are influencers on social media who use visual storytelling to sell the idea of ‘motherhood’, which includes their own experiences, personal interests and, of course, favourite products.

The momfluencer is someone with a large following on digital platforms or blog sites; their day consists of sharing photos of freshly bathed babies (with only the best diaper recommendations) and writing humorous ‘mom’ experiences on their blog — with the added touch of some much-needed parenting advice.

So, what sets them apart from regular social media influencers? Well, the whole idea of being a ‘momfluencer’ is that you’re the mom who can ‘do it all’. From taking care of children, to still having the time to curl your hair, put on your favourite lipstick and pose for a fashion shoot. They’re a mom and an influencer; hence, momfluencer.  

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Types of momfluencers

No two momfluencers are alike — that’s why there is space for so many of them! To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled the main four types:

1. Parenting advice

These influencers have other parents as their audience and aim to build a community and share parenting advice on their platforms.

Often found on Instagram, Facebook and blog sites, they centre their content around their home lives and offer lessons learnt throughout their various phases of parenthood.

2. The mom-brand

Think of this mom-brand like this: it is all the pros of being a mom, plus some Instagram filters and a few sponsorships. When you fall into this category, your aim is to sell the ‘motherhood aesthetic’.

Usually, these influencers are trendy ‘fashionistas’. That’s why it’s no surprise that Instagram is their lifeblood as they rely on this highly visual platform.

3. Mommy blogger turned entrepreneur

This is probably the most well-known form of momfluencer. They are found on almost every major social platform — YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram — you name it! From fitness to food, these individuals share their businesses (yes, plural) on social media to show that working moms can have a balanced life.

Many of them start blogging as a hobby and creative outlet. However, as their readership grows and they gain followers on social media, they use it as an opportunity to grow their business.

4. Keeping up with the family

Some momfluencers have entertaining blogs or social pages. These moms tell stories about their families, share wholesome memes and invite the public into their homes. Their audience gets a front-row seat to the growing pains and the celebrations.

Most often, you can find them documenting their family’s life on their personal blog, sharing snippets of it on Instagram or even Vlogging on Youtube.

Why should you care?

On top of running a business and juggling family responsibilities, these individuals also manage to stay relevant, authentic and leaders in their industry — all without breaking a sweat!

Momfluencers are in a league of their own; their content is quickly gobbled up because it is relatable, funny and shows the ‘glamourised’ version of motherhood.

Mostly, the reason why they are so successful is the aura of ‘mom knows best’ they carry with them. The advice they give is taken seriously and their opinions about products are highly valued because, through them, their audience sees these products as tried and trusted.  

So, how can brands best utilise these influencers? Well, because these moms discuss their everyday lives, there’s a range of product sharing that can come out of this, if your brand is aligned with that sort of content.

It’s not just about baby clothes and high-end strollers — these individuals also share content about ordinary household items, fashion accessories, home renovations, you name it! Think ‘lifestyle’.

When scrolling through these influencers’ platforms, you’ll find that partnership adverts and competitions form part of their niche. Are you up for it, marketers?

Do you think more marketers should be making use of momfluencers in their brand campaigns? Let us know in the comments below.

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