From Thursday, 22 April, people will be able to Watch the Earth Day live stream from on Facebook. They'll also be able to join the community and show how they’re helping to restore the earth by using the hashtag, #RestoreOurEarthChallenge, in their Earth Day posts, together with eco-themed emojis.

Here are some emojis that people use in South Africa to talk about sustainability on Facebook:

Individuals will also be able to use the new Earth Day-themed stickers on WhatsApp as well as 360 backgrounds, AR effects, chat themes, and stickers on Messenger.

"Create change together by joining in a Facebook group focused on the environment. For example, in South Africa, more than 350 000 people are part of at least one of the 9 000 Facebook Groups dedicated to the discovery, protection and appreciation of the earth and our environment," says the team at Facebook.

"Shop from one of the one million eco-friendly businesses on Instagram. Also, follow some of the top accounts in South Africa, such as africansafaris, sanparks, palletfurnalia and more."

Facebook has also announced that the company achieved net zero emissions across its global operations and is now supported by 100% renewable energy. The company says that in three years, it was able to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 94%, exceeding its 75% reduction goal, and is one of the largest corporate buyers of renewable energy globally.

Facebook currently has contracts in place for more than six gigawatts of new wind and solar energy, across six countries. All 63 projects are new and are located on the same electrical grids as the projects they support. As announced in 2020, Facebook has set a new goal to reach net-zero emissions across its value chain in 2030.

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