Social media phrases, trends and hashtags are not just important to know, but they’re also vital to include in some of your social media campaigns.

This is especially true if you want to show audiences that you’re in touch with the latest trends and social media lingo! If you’re not staying in the loop, you’re falling behind … and so are your campaigns.

So let’s not waste any more time. 

Here are the latest social media phrases you should know: 

Kare nka screamer gore

Ever expect something great to happen but then it just doesn’t? Or, maybe something unexpected, but great happens and you just can’t keep it to yourself? Then you feel the urge to kare nka screamer gore (I could scream!). 

This term is derived from one of South Africa’s official 11 languages, Setswana, with the ‘screamer’ part being borrowed from English. 

The term can be used to express many emotions — whether it’s distress, joy or boredom.

So, the next time your dog poops on your favourite rug, remember ‘okare nka screamer gore.’ And don’t forget to share on social media platforms that your dog made you o screame gore. 

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When Mzansi, South Africa went into lockdown, some peoples’ weight unlocked! During level 4  and 5, the laws prohibited any outdoor or gym workouts, meaning many people’s fitness took a deep dive in the wrong direction. 

When they announced that fitness centres and outdoor activities such as jogging could resume, social media sensation, lawyer and social activist Tumi Sole saw a golden opportunity.

Sole decided to establish social media pages on Twitter and Instagram to endorse and encourage users to join them and share their fitness tips and workout sessions, along with the #RunningWithTumiSole hashtag. 

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So, the next time you need some tips on how to keep fit, why not click on the #tag to see what could work for you in order to stay in tip-top shape? 


Why is the #PodcastAndChillWithMacG hashtag so popular? Well, it came about when the podcast was started by former YFM and 947 radio DJ, Macgyver Mukwevho — commonly known as MacG. 

To this day, it is one of the biggest podcast shows on YouTube and Spotify South Africa, (and yes, it’s pre-recorded) — not your usual audio podcast. So, why is this podcast so on-trend? If you listened to MacG back during his YFM and 947 days, you’d know he’s got a controversial personality, and he continues to have one, which contributes to his popularity. 

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On his show, he usually hosts prominent individuals and talks about literally anything — and the content is uncensored and raw. It’s for this exact reason why some people like the show so much, to the point where it’s starting to occasionally dominate the trends map. 

So, take a moment to #PodcastAndChill and make up your own views and opinions about this trend.  


When you see this hashtag trending, you might be asking yourself, who is this ‘man’ and why are people asking him such serious relationship questions? 

They are not asking any man per se, it’s actually a popular segment on SABC’s Metro FM called The Bridge.

Once it hits 11am, and you see your friends or colleagues running for the radio to tune in, just know it’s time for relationship affairs to be broadcast live on-air and dissected by hosts Dineo Ranaka, Naked DJ and Somizi. 

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Batlao hurda

Translated loosely into English, ‘Batalo hurda’ means ‘they will hurt you!’  

This phrase is usually used in a situation where someone’s emotions have been compromised. For example, if a user has experienced a failed relationship, they’ll express themselves with the use of the phrase in the following way:“… ko di relationships batlao hurda … (in relationships, they’ll hurt you). 

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So,you’re a female looking to support or seek support from other women? Well, you’ve come to the right hashtag. Why? Because who better to advise women than, well, women? 

There are certain things that only other women know, such as where the latest clothing and products are sold. 

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Mr Price came through for us always ??.

— IG:?????? lwazi_nyundu25???? (@Lulubeauty3) April 19, 2021 >

So, if you’re ever in need of some skincare tips and you’re struggling to find them anywhere else, just click on the #GirlTalkZA hashtag and start chatting. 


One thing you should know about Mzansi is that South Africans can make almost anything and everything trend, much like the #UncleVinnyChallenge. 

So what is this challenge we speak of? It’s a dance move that has the whole of social media buzzing! Remember the #JerusalemaChallenge? It’s something similar to that. In this regard, however, the dance was started by musician Uncle Vinny — hence the #UncleVinnyChallenge. 

Keen to see the dance igniting the trends map on the social media streets? Watch below: 


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So, we’ve given you the hip and blazing trends on the social media front. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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