It is often said that celebrities are just regular people, and this is particularly fitting when we discuss their social media usage. Like the everyday person, celebrities use social media to connect with fans, friends and family. They also use it as a marketing tool to promote their latest offerings.

Whether it's a new album, a beauty product launch or their most recent blockbuster, celebrities are not shy to use social media as the tool it is to benefit themselves further.

But what can we actually learn from how popular figures post and engage online, so that you or your brand can reach this level of stardom? media update’s Taylor Goodman takes a look.

Stop fangirling, class is in session:

Lesson 1: Show your personality

Most people tend to follow celebrities on social media because they’re curious about their lives. I’m sure you’ve caught yourself wondering what the glitterati do in their day-to-day lives.

A famous face that is the king of letting their personality shine through on social media is Gordon Ramsey. The celebrity chef infuses all his social media posts, be it on TikTok, Instagram or Twitter, with his unique brand of humour.

So, what can your brand learn from Gordon? Besides how to make the perfect beef wellington, Ramsey is not afraid to be himself online, and neither should you!

Remember, people are following your brand because they have an interest in it and want to stay updated with its latest happenings. This means that you should make every effort to post regularly and ensure that your unique voice shines through.

Lesson 2: Engage with your followers

Let’s circle back to what the appeal of celebs online actually is: Social media humanises these figures who would otherwise be unreachable. These digital platforms bridge the gap between the celebrities and the regular person, meaning users have a chance to interact with their favourite stars.

Taylor Swift is always actively reaching out to her fans and engaging with them in social spaces.

Swift goes above and beyond for her ‘Swifties’, and is regularly responsive to fans online. Recently, in fact, she noticed that her song Wildest Dreams was trending on TikTok. Taylor then released her re-recorded version of the song early (Taylor’s version… If you know, you know) just for her fans.

This is one of many examples that proves how Swift and her team are perceptive and constantly staying in the loop regarding what her fans are talking about or what is trending amongst them.

Moreover, Taylor is active on most social media platforms and she makes the effort to engage with her fans whenever she can.

So, what can brands learn from Taylor Swift? To engage with your followers, of course! If Swift can make the effort with her 90.2 million followers on Twitter, you can too.

People like to be acknowledged, specifically those who are making the effort to reach out to your brand online. Talk to your followers, field their questions and involve them in your work.

Lesson 3: Don't let your emotions get the better of you

The celebrity apology and social media go hand in hand, especially with the rise of the ‘cancel culture’ mentality amongst users. These days, under the magnifying glass that is the Internet, notorious figures releasing apologetic statements has become an art of sorts.

It seems that, every day, someone new is being called out for saying or doing something problematic. So how can your brand avoid the wrath of the Internet trolls, you ask?

Well, you could take a page out of Chrissy Teegan’s book. In 2021, the model faced major backlash online for tweets that resurfaced from 2011 of her ‘trolling’ TV personality Courtney Stoden. Here is where the lesson actually starts: Avoid situations or saying things that could potentially lead you into hot water. Being preemptive is a lifesaver!

If you're unable to avoid it; however, here's something that Chrissy did that your brand can do too!

Chrissy then released an apology, stating: "There is simply no excuse for my past horrible tweets; I was a troll, full stop. And I am so sorry." What she did here is a prime example of a celebrity owning up to losing their cool on social media and then facing the repercussions.

As a brand, it is crucial that you stay cool under pressure and to post thoughtfully. Yes, you may get haters trying to bring you down online from time to time, but such is life on social media. Remember to rise above and not let your emotions get the better of you.

Have you learnt anything from celebrities on social media? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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