Social media is such a powerful tool; this is true not only for brands but for any person making use of it. And, as Uncle Ben from Spiderman originally says, "With great power comes great responsibility."

This is why it's important to understand what makes it so powerful and how to utilise it effectively. To better understand why social media is so dynamic, we need to look at some stats.

Statista says that "in 2022, social networking sites are estimated to reach 3.96 billion users; these figures are still expected to grow as mobile device usage and mobile social networks increasingly gain traction in previously underserved markets."

This means that social media is huge and constantly growing. Yes, we know you've heard it all before, but here to remind you of it is media update's Talisa Carlson.

Ready to take a closer look at the true power of social media? Well, be sure to put on your safety goggles and let's get right into it:

1. Social media allows you to always be connected

Brands, companies, influencers, content creators and all social media users want to connect. Humanity, again and again, shows the intrinsic instinct to share, communicate and relate with others. It's no wonder, then, why this would be an important element in branding as well, which strives for that engagement or reaction from others.

This is why the need for connection is automatically paired with the desire to know what is being said about them online. This insight allows you — the individual, the organisation, the company — to understand the sentiment behind comments and engagements on your content.

Social media allows everyone to connect with each other from across the world. But by being connected with so many individuals, it can become stressful for you knowing that, at any time, you can set one foot wrong and people will call you out. This makes social media a force to be reckoned with.

In 2022, social media users have so far shown that they are not afraid to speak their minds or stand behind a cause on social media. So, regardless of why you use social media, it is vital to uphold and safeguard your online reputation.

If you want to keep a constant eye on what people are saying about you or your brand, then making use of keyword tracking can prove to be essential. This will enable you to be notified of positive, negative or neutral words when used on your content.

2. Social media is filled with knowledge

Social media platforms educate countless people daily with tips and tricks from industry professionals.

For example, some TikTok accounts take a look at ways that marketers use psychological aspects to influence a consumer's opinion about buying a product. Moreover, there are also Instagram accounts that take a look at what a person's body language means. With this in mind, it is clear to see how powerful social media is — because knowledge is power.

Long gone are the days when social media users were only looking to be entertained; they also want to be educated or taught something new and interesting on the regular. This has, in turn, led consumers to be more informed about a brand and its products.

So, if you are a brand with an interesting fact or story to tell, social media can be a huge help for you to reach a wider target audience.

3. Social media gives everyone a voice

It must have been a much easier time for brands back in the day when only a few people's opinions carried value — such as food critics, for example.

Now that there are countless people on social media — each with their own username and the ability to post their opinion publicly — much more consideration has been given to the voices of the everyday user (no, we are not talking about trolls here, even though they might also have an influence).

So why does any social media user's post carry value, you ask? This is simply because if a few other people stumble across the post where a person complained or complimented another person, such as a celebrity or a brand, other people will engage with that post, substantiating its value. This is one example of how communities are built online.

The stronger the online communities become, the stronger the people's voices grow. Some online communities are actually focused on cancelling brands or celebrities. And yes, they have actually achieved doing so!

Currently, countless people online are calling to cancel Amber Heard. A particular online petition even reached two million signatures saying that people want her removed from Aquaman 2 amid the Johnny Depp trial.

So yes, social media proves to be a powerful platform because everyone's opinion carries true value, especially when others agree with them.

This also proves that social media empowers its users too. Everyone here is heard and can actively have an impact in the areas that they are personally passionate about. This speaks plenty about the powerful potential in the social space!

4. Social media is always busy influencing

Have you ever scrolled through TikTok, heard a sound that is used on a few videos and end up singing it all the time — like you just can't help yourself? Well, this is just one example of the influence that social media has on its users.

Let's say that you are walking into a shop and see a product that looks simplistic and easy enough to replicate at home. You might think about it for a few seconds, end up not buying it and not even making your own at home … but then you see this product on social media. You remember how it works and how fun it can be and BOOM — a few hundred people agree with you and guess what? You guessed it! You ultimately go back and buy the product.

An example can be seen with AIRSURFERZ™, which are finger surfers that can be used to ride on the wind while in the car.

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A post shared by AIRSURFERZ™? (@airsurferz)

While this may not initially be the first item listed on everybody's Christmas present list, many people online raved about how cool the product is and commented on the post. They even asked how much it cost and how they can order it.

The engagement on social media around the product made it all the more desirable for the everyday consumer. This just shows you the power of social media.

What are some other ways social media is powerful? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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