Not quite sure what this term means? Don’t sweat it! media update’s Lara Smit is getting down to business and uncovering the economy of online content creation.

In an increasingly digitised society, individuals have been offered a unique opportunity to profit from using online platforms.

As the media no longer serves as the sole provider of news and entertainment, everyday people have taken up the role of a creator in their online activities, which include:

  • writers
  • podcasters
  • gamers
  • influencers
  • musicians
  • vloggers
  • videographers, and
  • photographers.

This has enabled these individuals to build professions out of expressing themselves, sharing their expertise and exercising their creative skills through digital platforms. As such, the Creator Economy was born.

But how do these creators profit from this?

Many creators can earn an income from their digital efforts through:
  • memberships
  • subscriptions
  • donations
  • sponsorships
  • partnerships with brands
  • including advertisements in their content, and
  • selling their creations.

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*Image courtesy of Canva