Basically, if you read that and you were completely baffled …

Read on as media update's Saads Abrahams takes you through five of the latest slang words to add to your social vocab:

For many of us, when we think of social media slang we think: 'YOLO', 'selfie' and 'on fleek'.

However, those are considered basic and very 2010 (yes, they're that old).

So, if your pages need a boost to attract younger audiences, the main way to do it is to speak their language.


Here are a few slang terms to help get you started:

Cap / No Cap
So we use this to state if something is a lie (cap) or true (no cap).

If You Know, You Know. This term is used when there is some insider info given.

It's giving
This is used to express the 'vibe' that something is giving off.

In short, tea is used to describe gossip or incredibly important information.

It's the _ for me
It is a way to refer to a specific feature that stands out for you.

Do you have any other slang terms that readers should know? Then spill the tea in the comments section below.

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