Social media is not just a way to keep up with what is happening around the world or what your friends and family are up to. It is a way for individuals to build their own personal brand.

If you have a social media account, you technically have your own brand already. By searching your name online, anyone can find you and get some insight into who you are.

By actively and consciously building your personal brand on your social pages, you are able to make yourself stand out from the crowd or be a changemaker in your own right. You just need to follow the right steps!

Scroll down as media update's Saads Abrahams gives the lowdown on how to build your own personal brand on social media.

Decide what you want to accomplish

Now that you have made the decision to build your personal brand, what is it going to be? Are you an aspiring influencer, a professional who wants to get their name out there, or just someone who has a passion that they want to share with the world?

By making this decision, you can move on to the next steps.


Pick your platform / s

Now you've got to decide what social media platforms you want to use. You are by no means limited to one, but you have to make sure that you choose the right one / s for you.

If you are making video content, YouTube and TikTok should be your main platforms to post on.

Instagram and Facebook are perfect for image and short video content but are also the best platforms to create actual connections with your audience.

If you are trying to make waves professionally, look to LinkedIn, and if you just want to make waves all around, X is the platform for you!


Keep your pages up-to-date

Go through your page and make sure all your posts align with what you want your brand to represent. Delete any content that does not align with the personal brand you are trying to create.

Check out your bio — is it outdated and basic? Then you need to give it a revamp ASAP! Take a look at our infographic to get started if you need some help!


Be authentic

When you are building your personal brand, it is absolutely vital to be yourself! There are a billion people on social media, but there is only one you!

Showcase exactly who you are throughout every social media platform that you are active on. You have to be real and relatable; it is the only way you can ensure the success of your personal brand!


Stay consistent

There are two ways in which you need to be consistent: when you post and what you post. You need to make sure that you are posting consistently if you want to build a social following.

Your voice needs to be consistent too. If anyone searches your name online, they need to be able to identify that it is you — no matter what platform they find you on!


Creativity is key

This is much easier said than done. You need to be creative if you want to stand out from the masses. A good place to start is by taking a look at other pages online and seeing what they are doing. Now, create in a way that is still authentic to you and put a spin on how you are going to present yourself.

A brilliant example of this is Nathan Bailey — he gives social media marketing advice. However, instead of just posting his advice like everyone else, he uses much more colourful language to get his point across.

While this might not be everyone's cup of tea, he stands out from all the other social media marketing pages because of this!


What tips do you have on building your personal brand on social media? Let us know in the comments section below.

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