Before you hop into creating your first social media ad, keep in mind that the online world is constantly flooded with new content.

So if you want anyone to pay attention to your ads, you need to make sure that they stand out!

Read on as media update's Saads Abrahams gives a quick run-down on creating that perfect social media advert!

Make it trendy

The fastest way to go viral or to get a lot of views is by hopping on a trend! So, creating an ad that follows what's trending can work well for you. Just remember to make sure it still aligns with your brand!


Be clear

Make sure the main purpose and message of your ad are not lost in your determination to be creative and get views. Without a clear message, viewers will be confused about what you're offering and will just swipe up!


Tell a story

When people are on their social platforms, they do not want products pushed down their throats. So, a great way to sell and promote your product or service is to make use of storytelling. Creating an engaging story is a guaranteed way to get you more clicks!


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**Information sourced from Forbes