Many top-performing brands' social media accounts have stopped planning their content as much — essentially winging it online. However, their unhinged look on social media is just as calculated as the polished accounts we're used to.

You might still be on the fence about choosing this style for your brand's social media. 

Are you wondering if you can reap the benefits of less-curated social media without compromising the professional image that you are trying to establish?

Well, the answer is yes — and it lies in your personal account!

media update's Joreke Kleynhans breaks down how you can use your personal socials for the benefit of your brand's account.

Tell your story — all of it

We're not talking about your brand's story, but your story — in relation to your brand, of course. Give your audience an authentic look into your day-to-day.

Instagram stories are a great option for less curated content. They aren't on your feed permanently but still give behind-the-scenes insights to your audience.

Always tag your brand's account to direct traffic from your personal socials!

Include your followers

People are more inclined to support a business when they feel seen or heard by it. Posting a poll on your account to help decide on new packaging options or an upcoming collection's colour scheme could do the trick. 

As a handy side effect, you now have a survey outlining your audience's preferences, and you've piqued interest in your brand for some of your personal account's followers in the process!

Show off your personality

Advertising is everywhere, so sharing your personality with your followers without constantly pushing sales is the breath of fresh air social media users are seeking. 

Sharing your thoughts, feelings and experiences relating to your brand humanises what you are trying to market. Being genuine gets your audience more invested, not only helping them to remember your brand but also to trust it. 

What are your thoughts on using personal accounts to enhance social media for brands? Let us know in the comment section.

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*Image courtesy of Canva