Yes, we are talking about Surreal Cereal.

Now, if someone had to tell me to check out a cereal brand on social media, my immediate first reaction would be, "Why?" 

But the social media team behind Surreal Cereal has been crushing it with their social media posts, and they have been getting a large amount of engagement on their posts. 

If you want the same for yourself, then read on as Saads Abrahams from media update shares some surreal social media tips!

Be unexpected

The one thing Surreal Cereal got right on its social media platforms is being unexpected

This cereal brand knew that in order for it to be successful and become a household name, it needed to find a way to stick out. The brand is not only competing for a space on the general public's social media FYP, but it also needed to find a way to stand out from major competition. 

By being unexpected, the brand was able to grab our attention and make viewers stop and look at what it posted. This is what everyone wants to achieve through their social media posts. 

And if you are looking to make your mark on social media — and stand out from the crowd — try a new and unexpected approach to being seen. Make yourself the lighthouse in the sea full of influencers and big brands.


Be funny

There is one thing you can be sure of: When you hop on to any of Surreal's social media pages, you will definitely have a laugh. 

The brand has taken the 'unserious' route on social media. And while most would not see this as a way to grow yourself on social media, it's actually a brilliant technique. There are so many clean-cut and curated posts on social media, and it has become boring. 

Through humour, you can make your social media pages a place where people enjoy what they are viewing. However, make sure you are being genuinely funny and that it's not forced. 

Humour can elevate your social media pages in the best way; this is because it makes people feel good. It also humanises your page. Whether you are an influencer or a brand, people want to connect with you — and through humour, you can achieve this.


Be genuine 

When you scroll through Surreal's social media posts, there is one thing that sticks out — it's not trying to copy or be like any other brand on social media. The brand is truly just being itself and having fun with it — and it shows

By being genuine on your social media posts, people will be automatically drawn to you. There are so many times when you see everyone hopping on a trend or copying someone with more followers. Now, there isn't exactly anything wrong with it, but it sure doesn’t make you stand out.

When someone sees your social posts, you want them to:

  1. automatically know that it's your social media page, and 

  2. feel as if they are actually seeing the real you.


Be bold

In order to capture attention on social media, it's important to make yourself stand out. One glance through this brand's social media page can reveal its boldness and unique style: It uses vibrant colours and eye-catching designs.

There are a few things that Surreal Cereal does on social media that make it bold, which you can try too. These include:

  • a strong colour pallet 

  • bold statements, and

  • fun imagery.


Be controversial 

Many people play it safe on social media to make sure that they don't ruin their chances of social media success. And while we agree that there are some things that may be too risky, nothing comes without some risk taken

Surreal Cereal has decided to take the chance and be a bit controversial in some of its posts, and it has worked in the brand's favour! It can work for you as well; all you need is to take calculated risks on your social media pages. This can help boost your engagement and draw attention to your page! 


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