media update’s Talisa Jansen van Rensburg takes a look at all of The Addams Family secrets on how to create evergreen content. Do you have your headphones in? Cool, click here, let’s go!

Here are four lessons from The Addams Family on how to create evergreen content for your brand:

1. Stay relevant and update your content

The Addams Family makes references to past historical happenings, but they also have quotes that remain timeless. For example:

This quote rings true for all agencies and brands alike because the key to good content is to stand outside 'the norm' and be unique from competitors.

You know your audience the best, and therefore, you need to create content that's unique and engaging to them (the same concept as ‘chaos to the fly’).

And even though this content will not necessarily be relevant to other audiences, it’s important to make your content relevant to your audience, as that’s what will help your content remain evergreen.

2. Your content needs to be unique

The Addams Family is “creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky”, and that is a big part as to why people love them — because they bring something different to the table. (And, well, they ask some interesting questions, don’t you agree?)

Here are some tips on how to incorporate some of The Addams Family’s traits into your own marketing strategy:

Creepy — Personalise your content to the point where your audience feels that it’s so relatable, it’s almost eerie. When putting together evergreen content, ensure that you’ve done your research: the topic that you’re writing about needs to make a lasting impact, and you need to be sure that it’ll still be impacting the same audience time and time again.

Kooky — People have a short attention span, and with time, their attention spans might even decrease a lot more. That’s why you need to create content that is eccentric and ‘kooky’ in order to grab their attention from the beginning.

Mysterious — We all love a little bit of mystery; it makes us look and relook at things. If the content that you create has a hint of mystery, the intrigue will grab your audience’s attention, and you can be sure that they will be back for more.

Spooky — When a person looks at your content and sees a relevant article that was published back in 2005, it will almost seem spooky. The surprise of knowing that the content was published almost 15 years is still relevant presently will keep you audience searching through your site.

3. Stay true to your brand

Morticia Addams teaches this lesson time and time again. Back in the 1960s, she loved black; in 1997, she still loved black, and in 2019, guess what color she is wearing? Yes, that’s right: black!

Even though Morticia Addams’s character started changing over time, she still sticks to her ‘image’.

Your content needs to stick to your brand’s image. The moment people start recognising your brand without you having to actually put your logo everywhere, you’ll know that you’ve reached your goal.

4. Create attention-grabbing headlines

Yes, The Addams Family is deranged and strange, but it’s the edge they use to shock their audience in the best way possible! Need an example? Sure, here you are:

Headlines will be the part of your content that people see first, and it will help them decide if they want to read any further. Being creative — and even a little deranged (or rather, creative) — can help you create some amazing, eye-catching headlines.

Always ensure that the headlines that you create relate back to your content and that it is relevant to your brand.

media update top tip: Try to stick to evergreen content types like:

1. How to’s
2. Guides
3. Tutorials
4. Listicles

What are some other examples of real, evergreen content? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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