‘To TikTok or not to TikTok?’ — the question on every marketer’s lips right now. Luckily, the social platform has just released a simple infographic that offers some basic pointers about what users like.

While the information in the infographic is a little broad, media update’s Aisling McCarthy breaks down each section separately beneath the infographic.

To preface the graphic, TikTik said, “In a digital world of seemingly unlimited media platforms, marketers are spoiled for choice. As brands explore their options, we hear lots of questions on how marketers can successfully incorporate TikTok into their marketing mix. Our suggestion? Take it from the top!”

“Understand how TikTok users behave on our platform, so you can effectively reach out and create user-centric ad experiences for our community.”

Let’s check out that infographic:

Now that we’ve got the infographic sorted, let’s break it down:

Spreading creating and joy 

The top-performing content on TikTok is feel-good stuff. Sure, there is some more serious content out there, but for the most part, people want funny, relatable content that makes them smile.

Just like LinkedIn is the place for professional content, and Twitter is the place for quippy remarks, TikTok is the place users want to find feel-good content.

Scrolling through videos on the social platform has become a popular pastime; a fun way to spend their day.

Undivided attention

Unlike many other social platforms, users on TikTok are engaging with content on one screen. They aren’t likely to be scrolling through videos whilst also watching television, making it one of the most engaging platforms to date.

Since videos on the platform have users’ full attention, messaging on TikTok has a far higher recall rate than on other platforms.

Any time is primetime

While every platform has its highs and troughs with regards to usage times, users engage with TikTok throughout the day — making any time primetime.

Taking into consideration how the ‘For You’ page showcases content, you don’t have to post content at a specific time for the best results. If you’re inspired at 2am, post that video! Someone will see it.

Delighting in what’s real

Unlike platforms like YouTube and Instagram, where users are drawn to high quality, beautiful content, TikTok users are quite happy with lower quality video and audio quality, as long as the content is relatable.

There’s nothing pretentious about the platform. Users don’t want to see carefully curated content that looks too ‘perfect’, they prefer relatable content that looks ‘real’.

Revisiting content

TikTok users tend to go back to content they enjoy, sharing it with their friends and rewatching it. This means, for well done brand and hashtag challenges, the content is likely to be viewed multiple times — meaning that your brand message has more chances to really hit home.

Do you think TikTok is a good platform for brands to start posting on? Let us know in the comments section below.

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