media update’s Talisa Jansen van Rensburg takes a look at three ways that South African retailer Checkers is keeping its marketing green and clean, as well as what brands can learn from its successes

According to a press release published on Marketing Dive, “78% of surveyed consumers said companies should adopt environmental practices. The study indicated that “millennials are the most enthusiastic about the environment, with 41% saying it plays a role in their purchase consideration all or most of the time.”

Companies, therefore, need to ensure that they have a marketing strategy in place that will clearly show consumers how they are taking the environment into consideration. This will enable brands to start building a strong customer loyalty base, as consumers can associate and relate to the values of the brand.

Without further ado, here’s a look at three much-needed ‘green’ inspirations from Checkers:

1. Checkers Little Garden

Checkers has reintroduced its Little Garden kits, due to the project's popularity,” according to a recent press release on media update. This is such a great marketing strategy by the brand, and it’s all due to the fact that it is:
  • listening to its consumers,
  • encouraging more consumers to shop with the brand, and
  • making consumers as if they are getting their fingers green.
Not only is planting the little seeds fun but it gives people the opportunity to get excited about the growth of their plants, as well as encourages them to continue shopping with Checkers. Customers receive the herbs, vegetables, and flowers for their little garden every time they spend a certain amount at a Checkers store. Talk about a clever and meaningful incentive!

*Image sourced from media update

So, what can brands learn from Checkers here? It is important that brands take a look at their marketing strategy and refocus it to ensure that their actions add value to their consumers' lives. For example, these little gardens encourage customers not only to return to the store, but also to start growing their own garden and garner an appreciation for nature while making it easy and fun.

2. Checkers Planet Bags

Another way of marketing your brand and getting your name out there is definitely with branding; and this is something Checkers have been extremely good at. One of its new strategies goes about rewarding consumers whenever they make use of the Checkers Planet Bag when shopping at the store. Every time that customers use this bag, they get 50c off of their purchase.

Not only do the consumers receive a small discount but they also feel good knowing that they are personally helping the environment. By introducing the bag, Checkers is encouraging more people to not only shop with the brand but to purchase a reusable and sustainable bag that only costs R3.

*Image courtesy of IOL

So, what can brands learn from Checkers here? Brands need to take a look at how they can get their name out there with more branding. A name or image does not have to be limited to a specific product or service. Checkers, for instance, uses its branding on its environmental-focused initiatives, which goes above and beyond its initial offerings.

Brands can do the same by looking at the things that they sell, which are not good for the environment, and try to improve it. By going the extra mile, they are sure to attract the loyalty of new and old customers.

3. Checkers Simple Truth

Checkers saw an opportunity in the market to start its own range of healthy products that don’t cost an arm and a leg. It introduced its ‘Simple Truth’ product line, which promises:
  • no artificial colours or flavours
  • no artificial sweeteners, and
  • no added MSG.
The brand understands that consumers are getting smarter and understanding which products are good for them and which ones are not. It has thus created a line that is low in sugar, high in protein organic and vegetarian or vegan friendly.

This encourages more people to go buy from Checkers because of its healthier, extended range of products. And yet again, the store is making sure that this line is environmentally friendly.

*Image sourced from media update

So, what can brands learn from Checkers here? Brands can take a look at what is missing from the market, what they can bring to the table, and what is different and will better the lives of everyone. That way, when brands are marketing new products as just being ‘simple’ and the ‘truth’, they can rest assured that their consumers will also feel comfortable and encouraged to support their brand.

“It’s no longer just about a product that you sell alone, it should be so much more. The question is: How do you go beyond the product and go deeper and add more value to consumers’ lives? This is the question all brands need to ask themselves,” says Eric Solomon, founder, and CEO of The Human OS.

What other green marketing tactics can brands learn from Checkers? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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