media update’s Nakedi Phala takes you on a journey to the world of #ama2000 to explore their personalities, culture and behaviours. 

Influences of every generation emerge from environmental factors, experiences, tech development, lifestyle and expectations. And this usually requires a lot of research if you’re looking to work with one of them. 

Ama 2000 emerged from the midst of the digital age — similar to millennials. However, as they are the Centennials of SA, they have a knack for developing themselves, rely on technology to complete tasks, are innovative, and self-educated. 

Here’s all you need to know about Ama 2000: 

1. #Ama2000s are influential 

Older generations, remember when your parents would ask you to bring them something from the kitchen? You wouldn’t dare ask questions; you would just go to the kitchen and get whatever it is that you were asked to get. 

With Ama 2000, it’s a totally different story. They’re more carefree; they speak their minds. A classic moment would be the grandson of the late Minister Edna Molewa, who was casual during his speech to his late grandmother and referred to President Cyril Ramaphosa by his first name.

Here is the hilarious clip: 

You may be thinking that they’re cheeky … Well, that’s just how they are. They have the power to influence the norm, stereotypes, generalisations and challenge seniority without fear or favour. They don’t suffer from social barriers and don’t fear to be the first. Instead, they influence their unique ways onto others, pushing out the old school way of doing things. 

2. They are social gurus 

Ama 2000 has open and bubbly personalities, always looking to make new friends in real life and on their social media platforms. They are trendsetters and always say and do things that strike interest. 

For example, they’re likely to be the ones taking over the dance floor during a family braai. And they are always up to date with the latest trends, making it easy to start a topic or build conversations with others. 

They capture every moment of their lives, a quick selfie before going out with friends, snap of their meal before devouring and capturing funny activities of their lives to share on their social media platforms — a smartphone is more than just that to Ama 2000— it’s life! 

In one popular campaign by Coca Cola South Africa titled #SummerYama2000, Coca Cola captures the lives of Ama 2000s — how they live, their fun times, lifestyle, sense of fashion and their lingo. 

3. They're a brave generation in South Africa 

Ama 2000s are conscious-driven; they are able to pick up on good laws and adjust laws.

Although they are young, they were able to challenge school laws about black hair in a movement that reached the ears of the media in many parts of the world. The movement mainly challenged schools' hair policies in South Africa.

The movement didn’t go unnoticed as it attracted Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi who heard their grievances.  “My department will take legally binding action against management at Pretoria High School for Girls where pupils have described their hurt over policies against their natural hair,” said Panyaza in an article for EWN

4. #Ama2000 are digital natives 

This generation is the type to buy a gadget, set it up and read the manual later. They're that cool. 

Technology is not just something that exists to them, but rather something that is a need and that facilitates their day-to-day communication, allowing them to share ideas, be entertained and remain educated. Ama 2000 is a group that is ‘ready to rumble’ with the emerging of the fourth industrial revolution, while the older generations are in fear of job losses, amongst other things. 

Born in a high tech environment, this generation has a knack for flexible jobs — jobs that benefit them beyond a salary. A job that will grant them the freedom to work from anywhere using their smart tech devices. 

Their approach to work is a ‘work smart not hard attitude’. For example, if you hand over a task to a ‘2000, they are more likely to think of a simpler way of completing it than other generations — their minds know no boundaries, and they will explore all options to get things done. 

Ama 2000 now leads conversations and waits on no one to tell them what to or what not to do. What are your thoughts on this generation? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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*Image courtesy of Coca Cola